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Football NSW Insurance Website
As a registered player of GlenhavenFC you are covered under the Football NSW Insurance Package.

In addition to submitting your Incident/Injury Report to us, you are also required to submit a claim directly with FNSW. Please visit the links below which will assist in your online claim.

Football NSW Insurance Website

Online Claims

Important Documents

Serious Injury Report (pdf)

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2019 Registrations Open first week of January

Registrations for the 2019 Winter Season will be done through a new Football NSW system this year - It's new so there may be teething problems. Please be patient, and contact our registrar if you need assistance -

For information on the Active Kids Rebate, click here



Volunteers Needed

There are a number of roles we’re hoping to find volunteers to help out with in 2019. These include an assistant junior referee coordinator and an event organiser. There are also lots of little jobs to be done throughout the season. You don’t need to be on the committee for any of these roles and the more people involved, the lighter the load, so please consider if you can help out and contact if you have any questions about what needs doing.

New Sponsors

Glenhaven FC is pleased to announce that we have two new major sponsors partnering with us in 2018.

Stallion Realty

Stallion Realty is our new major sponsor. Their logo will appear on the front of all playing jerseys across the club.


Collins Transport

Collins Transport supported our Premier League Squad last year, but will now appear on the back of all club jerseys.


Major Sponsors

Stallion Realty

Stallion Realty

Finding a new home, selling one, renovating or building, is not easy. With our expertise in real estate, architectural design & construction, we'll help you get the best solution to suit your lifestyle.


Collins Transport