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Glenhaven Football Club plays in the Hills Football Association and has teams for all ages and abilities from ages 5 to over 45’s. Boys and girls are eligible to play together in the same competitions in all groups (conditions apply to U16s and above). The age a child turns in the year of the competition is the age group in which they will play. All mini and junior games are played on Saturday mornings with seniors (U18 and over) playing the majority of games on Saturday afternoon with occassional games played on Sundays.

Club Strip
The Club’s colours are emerald green and red. A playing jersey will be supplied by the Club at the start of the each season and must be returned at the end of the season. One pair of shorts and one pair of socks are supplied to new under-age players (U6-U18) registering with the club for the first time. Additional gear is available for purchase. At all times when playing for Glenhaven F.C players are required to wear the correct club gear.

Mini Football – Under 6 and 7
Under 6 and 7 are not graded and play in Small Sided Games (SSG), which focuses on skills development, friendship, teamwork and enjoyment of the game. The mini teams play non-competitive games against other HFI Clubs playing 4 v 4, without goalkeepers.

Under 8 and 9
Under 8 and 9 play 7 v 7, including a goalkeeper, on a slightly larger field. Still non-competitive with no points allocated. We may begin grading players into similar skilled teams.

Under 10 and 11
Under 10’s and 11’s play 9 v 9, including a goalkeeper, non-competitive football on a 70 x 45 metre field. We will begin grading players into similar skilled teams in preparation for competitive competition in U12.

Junior Competitive – Under 12 to Under 17
All Junior teams will be graded according to skill level so that they can play in similar skill level competitions where all rules of football will apply and will be played on full sized fields.

Senior Competitive – Youth League (U18-U21), All Age, O35’s & O45’s
The Senior teams are normally organised by themselves where mates play together in similar skill level competitive divisions.

Grading dates will be advertised at the start of each year. Times and locations and will be managed by the grading committee, who will have the final decision on the make up of the teams. The club’s grading policy is available on the club’s website.

All Age, O35’s, O45’s will organise their own teams, and set their own training times.

Premier League
The Premier League team will be selected by the Premier League coach and manager. Try-out sessions will be advertised on the website each year.

Have an enjoyable and successful season. Remember always check our website for up to date information.

 - The Glenhaven Football Club Board


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2019 Registrations Open first week of January

Registrations for the 2019 Winter Season will be done through a new Football NSW system this year - It's new so there may be teething problems. Please be patient, and contact our registrar if you need assistance -

For information on the Active Kids Rebate, click here



Volunteers Needed

There are a number of roles we’re hoping to find volunteers to help out with in 2019. These include an assistant junior referee coordinator and an event organiser. There are also lots of little jobs to be done throughout the season. You don’t need to be on the committee for any of these roles and the more people involved, the lighter the load, so please consider if you can help out and contact if you have any questions about what needs doing.

New Sponsors

Glenhaven FC is pleased to announce that we have two new major sponsors partnering with us in 2018.

Stallion Realty

Stallion Realty is our new major sponsor. Their logo will appear on the front of all playing jerseys across the club.


Collins Transport

Collins Transport supported our Premier League Squad last year, but will now appear on the back of all club jerseys.


Major Sponsors

Stallion Realty

Stallion Realty

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Collins Transport